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614 at Port Jervis

During the Fall of 1996 and also 1997 the United Railway Historical Society ran several trips up the ex Erie Port Jervis line from Hoboken to Port Jervis. The day was clouding but riding behind the pinnacle of modern steam locomotives in the C &O 614. The locomotive is a 4-8-4 Northern and many photo opportunities were available around Port Jervis.


The 614 has just arrived at Port Jervis  Here is a side view of the 614. The locomotive has just
and is backing down to the service track to be turned for the trip                  been turned and is preparing to exit the table. The turntable was restored just for the
back to Hoboken. The big northern looks great pulling long trains                 trip. The 614 barly fits on the table.
at high speeds over mountion grades.

A front view of the 614 shows the lowered  Here is almost a fully front on shot of the 614. Notice there is no front
headlight. The locomotive also has a semi-streamlined look.                        front coupler. The coupler is reversable meaning that it is hidden inside the grill and
                                                                                                                 only pulled out when needed.

Here is the 614 exiting the table after being turned.  Here is the 614 simmering just before departsire from
The locomotive is so large that it barely fit on the turntable. There was         Port Jervis, the train will depart on time beacuse New Jersey Trainset and Metro
also a problem when turning it and the table stalled. A tractor had to be      North have to keep the train moving otherwise it will clog up their railroad. Just in
called into finish the job. Such large locos really do present problems.         case that something happens to the aging 614 there will be 2 Gp40 protect engines
                                                                                                                running right in front of the train.

The 614 finally leaves for home. If all goes well the train
show arrive back at Hoboken by 7 PM. For most of the trip
the train will be running at 60 MPH track speed