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Erie E8's to Honesdale

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The first trip for the freshly repainted URHS former New Jersey Transit E8's was an excursion back to home rails and all the way to Honesdale PA. The trip was made possible with cooperation from Conrail, NJT and the Lackawaxen and Sturbridge railroad.

One of the very few stops on the trip was taken in this field to the east of Honesdale. The E's are coupled up to a pair of Pennsylvania railroad private cars.

Here is a side view of the 835, showing all 70'3" of the standard E-unit.

Just after the excursion train had arrived at Honesdale the Lackawaxen and Sturbridge's own excursion train was leaving on its daily run.

The train was being led by a rare BL2, as only 57 of these locomotives were ever built.

The Lackawaxen and Sturbridge's CF7 helped with the switching of the excursion train so it could leave faster.

The E-units then pulled around the train in order to couple on to the other end.

After coupling back up to the train the E8's are pumping up the air in anticipation for departure.

A full head on shot shows all 14' 10.5" that the E8 stands

The final shot before boarding the train was of a railroading symbol that no longer can be seen, the great logo of the Erie Railroad.

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