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F's in 1991

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1991 was truly a great year along the rails for the EMD F-unit. It had been nearly 50 years since the first F was out shopped and the engines continued to soldier on in excursion and commuter service.

No matter what year it is, early Alco's and EMD's are hard to find anywhere. Here, Central New Jersey RS3 1554 sits in the Jim Thorpe yard.

The 1554 is posed with the two star excursion F units, the 56 and 56B. This photo brings one question to mind, What year is it?

One of the few photo stops on the trip led to this photo of the 56 leaning into a curve.

Further down the line, a close up shot of the 56 in a curve is taken.

Here is the 56 again in an open field with a beautiful blue sky in the background.

A downfall of the F-units was that they couldn't operate in both directions, so the CSXT 5771 is on the rear of the train.

The last shot of the trip provided a memorable shot of the 56 on the 1,000 foot plus Hometown Trestle.

FL9's were some of the last F-units ever built in the late 1950's but still held down commuter runs on the Metro North Railroad out of New York city in the early 1990's.

One of the towers of the Bear Mountain bridge provides a stunning background as another FL9 goes about its business.

FL9's frequently reach speeds in excess of 60 MPH on this section of the former New York Central mainline to Chicago.

One last FL9 shoves its train towards New York as it scoots the Hudson river.

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