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Central New Jersey and other Models

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Here are some more models that Chris and Vince have built over the years.

Central New Jersey Models

Here is a Trainmaster, these locomotives could be found                                                                Here is another locomotive that could do anything for local
doing just about anything on the CNJ because of their high horsepower.                                        passenger runs to freight on the CNJ. The alco rs3 was rated at
The model is a rebuilt Atheran that has been remotored.                                                                1500 HP making it great for anything, the model is an old Atlas.

This an example of one of the many cabeese that the CNJ used.                                                    Here is another example of a late CNJ caboose in the form of this
It is a late steel caboose and the model is brass and was decaled.                                                  proto 200 northeastern model. The caboose is class NE on the
                                                                                                                                                    CNJ and it is an early proto 2000 model completely repainted.

Other railroad Models

Here is a Lehigh Valley Gp9, the model is proto 2000.                                                                Here is an Alco RS-11 which is made by Atlas. The Lehigh Valley
The gp9's were rated at 1750 HP and were great road switchers.                                                leased Rs-11's from the Pennsylvania when they were power
The model has been weathered to represent a long period on the coal fields                                short although very little got repainted into LV colors. This model
of northeastern PA.                                                                                                                    has been weathered to actual pictures and has a DCC decoder.

Here is another example of a Northeastern caboose.                                                                    Here is a model of a Pennsylvania head end car. The car was used
This LV caboose is from the latest run of Proto 2000 and is                                                         for hauling milk and other products that needed to be kept cool.
similar to the CNJ caboose above but is weathered more.                                                            The model is brass and has been weathered.