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Conrail Convention at Selkirk

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In the fall of 1994, the Conrail Technical Society held its annual convention at Selkirk yard outside of Albany NY. The convention included a year tour, tour of the servicing facilities and and tour of the dispatching center. The weather was bright and sunny making for great shots of the big blue locomotives.

The center of Selkirk yard is the massive fueling rack, locomotives from all different railroads congregate here as evidenced by the two Canadian National locomotives.

Locomotives from local to road power wait for their next assignment under a wonderful sky.

A view from the Selkirk hump tower at one of the receiving yards where trains are made up.

Conrail used a fleet of old 6 axle power to switch the yard, as evidenced by this worn down U23C.

More rusted up power takes a break from its assignment. Conrail beat up locomotives like nobody else could, the SD38's and B23-7's were truly pride of the fleet with the name "Rust buckets."

This view at CP SK shows a D&H train led by 4 GATX SD40-2's negotiating the tough Selkirk track work. The train is coming off the branch to the port of Albany, the River line to Northern New Jersey veers to the right and the tracks that head straight to the background head for the B&A and Boston.

Another rusted up B23-7 is on the point of a freight as it heads for Boston.

One of Conrail's B40's with the labor agreement logo on the nose leads a TV train through CP SK, the train is headed for Oak Island in Northern New Jersey.

Back in Selkirk yard, the 4 GATX SD40-2's switch their train, the power is leased.

With the train finally made up, the engines pull the train around the hump tower in afternoon light.

This stack train is finishing its run from Buffalo as it enters Selkirk with some of Conrail's newest power on the point.

Train CNSE has arrived from Canada with quite a mix of power, a CN SD40-2, a Conrail SD60 and a EMD leaser GP40.

With the light fading, a fun filled day at Selkirk comes to an end as another train works its way through CP SK and into Selkirk yard.

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