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LIRR excursion to Poughkeepsie

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During the Spring of 1991 the Long Island Railroad ran another one of its famous "Farewell to the cabunits" excursions. This trip would venture off the Island and all the way up to Poughkeepsie NY, which is the end of MTA controlled railroad territory.

In the early morning the excursion train pulls into Jamaica and past Jay tower.

The first photo stop produced this image of the MP15AC's below a signal bridge.

Leading the train was cabunit 605, which is a converted FA2.

A Conrail freight makes its way down the river as viewed from the other side of the Hudson.

The LIRR 154 is stopped under the beautiful skies which really made the day.

A closed view of the 154, the cars behind the locomotives with the red stripes are Parlor cars.

The 154 poses with the tunnel, the track that the train is on scoots the tunnel.

Having arrived at Poughkeepsie the train sits at the station as an Amtrak train bound for Albany roars past.

The 154 sits at the station, notice the dent in the side of the locomotive. The bridge in the background is the ex-New Haven bridge that spanned the Hudson river, it burned in 1968 causing its closure and the eventual downfall of the railroad.

A close up view of the 605, which is set to trail mode.

The 605 sits back at the Jamaica station, the locomotive is complete with 5-chime horn.

The train snakes its way back into the Jamaica coach yard.

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