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Erie models

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These are some Erie models that Vince has built over the years.


Erie Models

This is a Bachmann 44 Tonner. The locomotive has been                                                                          Here is an example of a very early Erie hopper. 
custom painted and decaled and been fine tuned for operation.                                                                The car is from a kit and has been painted and decaled.

This is a completely reworked Atlas S1.                                                                                                 This is a model of one of many high and wide loads that the
These locomotives made up the bulk of Erie's switcher fleet,                                                                   Erie transported over the years. The generator is for GE
the S1's were built in 1947 and were rated at 660 Horsepower.                                                            and the car was specially built for these loads.
This is a brass model of a Erie USRA mikado.                                                                                    Here is another high and wide load. The car and load are
The model was completely taken apart and reworked and then repainted                                            brass and the load is a large roll of paper. The Erie was
and decaled. Erie's mikados were great for anything from local work                                                  known for having generous clearances thus having a lot of
to main line freights.                                                                                                                            these cars pass over their iron

This is a proto 2000 model of one of Erie's early passenger locomotives.                                                This in an Erie scale test car, it is a very small car used for
The PA2 was an Alco model that was rated at 2000 HP for pulling long                                                testing all over the system. The model is from Walthers and
passenger trains at high speed. The model is equipped with a DCC decoder                                            has been completely reworked and decaled.
and a sound system.
Here is a Erie Doodlebug, these cars were used over the system for local                                                Here is an example of one of the Erie's late cabeese. The
passenger trains and could haul a coach or baggage car behind it. The model                                          caboose was steel and could be found on the rear of Erie's
is brass and super detailed.                                                                                                                     hottest freights. The model is brass and has working lights.

Here is a Erie wooden caboose, this was built more earlier than the steel caboose.
The model is a kit and has been painted and decaled.

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