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Update Log
  Check back weekly to see what's new.

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April 16, 2002- This weeks photo eassy takes a look at a Long Island Railroad excursion to Poughkeepsie. The photo of the week is yet from yet another group that was voted on by railroaders.

April 9, 2002- This weeks photo eassy takes a look at the Conrail Convention held in Selkirk yard near Albany N.Y. The photo of week is an interesting shot that is sure to bring debate over what thoughts are of the photo.

April 2,2002- Another new photo eassy has been added, this week the Erie E8's go to Lackawaxen. The number one photo as voted upon by railroading friends is up in the photo of the week.

March 26, 2002 - A new photo eassy has been added, see how F-units soldier on into the 1990's. The photo of the week has been updated as always, this week brings number 2 on the countdown, check back next week for number 1.

March 18, 2002- Two new photo eassy's have been added, Early Steamtown and West Chester Railroad Railfan Day. The Photo of the week has been updated, the photo of the week this week and the next 2 weeks have been voted on by a number of railroad friends. This week the number 3 ranked photo is up, check back for the number 2 next week. Added a new Update email service.

March 12, 2002- Photo of the week is an interesting composition of color and age. Have a new photo eassy scanned but need time to write it all up, that will be up next week

March 3, 2002- A new Photo eassy has been added, CSX at Bear Mountain. The photo of the week has been updated with a shot that is in the modern age. A new web ring has been added to the site and there are more on the way.

February 26,2002- The site has undergone a complete facelift from the photos to a new front-page. 2 new photo eassys have been added, SMS Baldwins and Spots west of Allentown. Photo of the Week project has been implemented, a classic Erie-Lackawanna shot is the first one. New Site logo leads off the front-page.